Services to Ensure Positive Return on Your Events

Organizations invest in communication activity (events are but one example) for only one reason; to influence the behavior of individuals in a way that benefits the host. That is it, plain and simple, yet only a fraction of events are planned around the question, “what do we want our participants to do as a result of their involvement?”

Events that result in actions, by the participants, that tie directly to business or organizational value produce a positive return on investment. To produce a positive return requires that your event meet three critical success criteria:

1) It must include enough properly targeted participants to meet payoff goals
2) The messages must be persuasive (it must be clear to the participants why and how they should act)
3) The participants must provide the desired behavioral response

If your events are focused on participant behavior as the outcome, planning and measurement are greatly simplified. Content is only necessary to inform and convince participants to act, and measurement is based upon whether the actions occurred as a result. Measurement is the first consideration in planning, and the last consideration in wrapping up the event.

Event Measurement serves four additional purposes:

1) Justify the cost of an event or series of events
2) Provide information to support additional investment for events that are effective
3) Continuous improvement of the events program
4) Comparison of events and selection of the best mix to meet organizational objectives

In addition measurement can provide the basis for assessing your efficiency in producing and managing events. Cost effectiveness measures and throughput measures are the basis for making continuous improvements. Satisfaction, awareness and perception measurement are elements essential to improving the impact of events.

Constellation also provides competitive evaluations, sponsorship cost analysis, audience acquisition costs and pricing structure for conferences and seminars. We can provide support for virtually any aspect of making your event more effective.

We provide a tailored combination of consulting support and research services to identify what your company needs to be successful. Our engagements are budgeted on the combination of time and skill level necessary to complete your project.

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